The Overseas Connection

The Overseas Connection Podcast #521

April 7, 2019

The Overseas Connection, the weekly mature gaming community podcast discusses gaming news, community feedback, new releases and the podcast teams current play lists. Tune-in and listen to this combination U.S. and U.K. video game podcast as they discuss this weeks topics including: 

  • Phil and Mark discuss their latest antics from the past week.
  • Games we have played which are:-
  • Battlefield 5 Firestorm, Trials Rising. The Division 2, The Walking Dead Our World and Minecraft
  • News:- Rumours Xbox Live will incorporate GamePass, MS, Sony & Nintendo under investigation, Next AC game set in Vikings era?
  • Speakpipes, emails and community questions
  • Who Said It Best Quiz makes a return
  • New releases
  • And much more, enjoy the episode.