The Overseas Connection

The Overseas Connection Podcast #486

July 29, 2018

The Overseas Connection, the weekly mature gaming community podcast discusses gaming news, community feedback, new releases and the podcast teams current play lists. Tune-in and listen to this combination U.S. and U.K. video game podcast as they discuss this weeks topics including: 

  • Mark attempts his first primary hositng duties for a full show
  • What we've been up to this past week
  • Games we have played which are:-
  • God of War, PUBG, No Mans Sky, Banner Saga 2, Bomber Crew, Zombie Army Trilogy, Opus: Rocket of Whipsers, Soma, American McGees Alice & Surviving Mars
  • Games With Benefits
  • EA wanting crossplay for the next Battlefield
  • Fortnite makes Founder a billionaire
  • H1Z1 comes out of beta on PS4
  • Metal Gear V, play as Quiet
  • Xbox Live Gold deals on now
  • Speakpipes and community questions
  • "Who Said It Best" Quiz
  • New releases
  • And much more

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