The Overseas Connection

OCD&D Episode 3

January 24, 2019

In episode 3 of OCD&D, 5 video gamers throw down their controllers and continue their first foray into D&D 5E. What could possibly go wrong?

Join Phil the DM as he takes our intrepid party (a grumpy Dwarf Fighter, a snooty Elf Wizard, a hapless Halfling Rogue and a Dragonborn Paladin) in search of 9 tiles, hidden by their mentor, that will lead them to great treasures!

Armed with a water repellant bedroll, the Tome of Resilience, the Monocle of Farsight and some soap on a rope, they have travelled to the Staircase Cliffs, in search of Elaria’s good friend, Alcaeus Scaevola, a dragonborn hermit who lives in a small yurt on the Staircase Cliffs and worships Silvanna, goddess of nature.


We join them at the base of the cliffs, a 75 foot treacherous climb ahead of them. What will they do?


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